Scientific reviews

Who evaluates proposals
Materials proposed for publication are evaluated first by the Scientific Director and the Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee has the right to appoint experts who are called to express their opinions on the scientific validity of the materials proposed, and to decide whether to publish them in the Journal. All subjects who are involved in the evaluation process must respect a shared code of conduct, and must declare, pre-emptively, any conflicts of interest.

UPI protocol for defining the criteria of scientificity
Pisa University Press adheres to the protocol agreement between the Publishers that are part of the Italian University Press Commission regarding the definition of scientificity criteria for widespread publications.

The Italian University Press Commission’s Protocol aims to formulate a proposal which can adequately define appropriate scientificity criteria to – and identify concrete procedures for – attributing the status of “scientific publication” to the research products which are presented for various evaluation procedures (NdV, VQR, ASN, and Italian and other European projects). The following aspects will be considered during the scientific evaluation process: the subject’s scientific significance; the text’s novelty and originality; the author’s competencies; the consistency and rigor utilized in methodology application; the legibility of the form according to scientific analysis criteria.
UPI Protocol for defining the criteria of scientificity.