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«As if you were holding a bike handle». Malin Bång’s transformation of the everyday into music

Julia H. Schröder

Nuove Musiche Numero 6 - 2019, pagine: 71-84
DOI 10.12871/97888333957915 | @ Pisa University Press 2021
Pubblicato: 20 dicembre 2021


Composer Malin Bång writes for objects and musical instruments with extended playing techniques. In the text her composition Arching (2013) for amplified cello and amplified tools is the center of a musical analysis that aims at a wider understanding of her practice. The analysis circles around Bång’s written musical text, the performed and the sounding work, her manifold references and artistic relations as well as following associations by the author. The composer’s music is linked in this interpretation to an Aesthetics of the Everyday.

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