The journal

The scientific journal «Nuove Musiche» is the result of a partnership between the Department of Humanities of the University of Palermo and the Prometeo Foundation of Parma. Provided with an international scientific committee, and using peer review procedures, the journal will be released annually, in multilingual edition, in both digital and printed version. Its object of study is the worldwide field of contemporary music, with a privileged look at the Italian situation.
The perspective of «Nuove Musiche» aims at the methodological convergence of the various approaches of musicology: historical, analytical, aesthetic, systematic, semiotic, anthropological, sociological, psycho - and neurological, media - theoretical, economic. That is, at the convergence between musicology itself and the other branches of knowledge, according to an updated ideal of the humanities. «Nuove Musiche» aims at integrating the reflection about contemporary music into the cultural life in the broadest sense. Therefore, the journal features scientific studies as well as free contributions by composers, performers, organizers, and addresses the scholarly audience, but also all contemporary music operators and all interested people.