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Extended: An Introduction to the Work of Ashley Fure

Ross Feller

Nuove Musiche Numero 7 - 2020, pagine: 31-40
DOI 10.12871/97888333972142 | @ Pisa University Press 2023
Pubblicato: 20 maggio 2023


This article introduces the work of the American composer Ashley Fure to the reader. Her work is situated as a hybridization of various strains of European compositional practice, including: the New Complexity, Spectral school, and the inclusion of noise and hybrid materials, as found in the music of Helmut Lachenmann and Georg Friedrich Haas. Fure’s work also demonstrates a keen awareness of the American Experimental tradition in her use of indeterminacy, improvisation, and graphic notation. Additionally, Fure is an adept user of technology and well versed in the practices of installation art and multimedia, and understands her role as an instigator in the cultural arena. Several of her compositions are explored in order to situate her practice with respect to various current, compositional issues and techniques.

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