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The music of Vito Žuraj

Luisa Antoni

Nuove Musiche Numero 7 - 2020, pagine: 161-176
DOI 10.12871/97888333972148 | @ Pisa University Press 2023
Pubblicato: 20 maggio 2023


The article introduces the life and work of the Slovenian composer Vito Žuraj. Winner of Abbado Prize, Žuraj was introduced at the use of technology through the collaboration with institutions such as ZKM, IRCAM and SWR Experimentalstudio. The article focuses its attention on the analytical description of four recent works written by Žuraj: Changeover for instrumental groups and symphony orchestra (2011), Runaround for brass quartet and ensemble (2014), Hawk-Eye for French horn and orchestra (2014), and I-formation for two orchestras and two conductors (2016). Following the analyses of the four pieces, the article identifies the main features that characterize Žuraj’s music. Specifically, the sound spatialisation, which aims at interweaving the space of the orchestra and that of the audience. Secondly, the research into microtonal harmonic space; third, the research of unconventional instrumental sounds, which provides a deviation from the limits imposed by history, while retaining a profound respect for it. Finally, the article deals with human-computer interaction in Žuraj’s writing, arguing that his compositional practice combines the new capabilities provided by machines – which open up new creative horizons – with the composer’s control.

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